Ten years after the XXII Pan American Congress of Evaluations, held in Fortaleza - CE, the IBAPE – Instituto Brasileiro de Avaliações e Perícias de Engenharia – again promotes a great meeting dedicated to professionals of property valuation in the American Continent.

At that historic opportunity, UPAV - União Pan-Americana de Associações de Avaliação, through the Declaration of Fortaleza, promoted a deep change in its concepts and put itself in line with the International Valuation Standards –(IVS), formally recognizing the several value definitions which permeate the valuation activity in the globalized world.

Along the last decade, the planet in general went through major transformations, and our continent, in particular, experienced a period of great changes on economy, with special reflections in the Real Estate market and at multilateral relations of international trade.

Since the first effects of these transformations, which showed the leading role played by the international financial system, to the present day, we have been seeking to resume stability and growth and also to understand the movements that affect the different national economies according to their own specific conditions.

A common base, however, is the importance of the valuation professional in this context, either in the fundamentals of corporate balance sheets, or in credit operations, and also in legal system, the valuation professional has the duty and the responsibility to face current conjuncture difficulties with security and thus perform his/her role as an interpreter of economic facts.

With these considerations, the Organizing Committee of the XXXI Pan American Congress of Property Valuation, which will be held this year 2016 in Rio de Janeiro city, decided to adopt a theme that leads to reflection on the performance and trends of our profession, in line to the various economic cycles that are imposed by complex motivations, generally beyond the control of the stakeholders, both protagonists and secondary.

The focus in the segment of Real Estate is due to the size of this sector in the economy as a whole and in its undisputable role in our labor market. Of course, this does not turn into exclusivity, as other important issues of our professional area are included in the technical program and submitted papers will really be welcome.

Therefore, we invite all valuation professionals of our big continent, member or not of entities that comprises the UPAV, to join us in this upcoming October in a conference that will integrate us through learning and reflecting, in a rich technical l debate,. The wonderful city of Rio de Janeiro will welcome everyone with open arms.

Organizing Committee


Arq° Ma Emilia Pereira Colls Presidente UPAV 2015-2016

Arq° Ma Emilia Pereira Colls

Chairperson of UPAV 2015-2016

The Congresso Pan-Americano de Avaliações (Valuation Pan American Conference) held on December, 2014 in Santiago, Chile, has unanimously chosen Instituto Brasileiro de Avaliações e Perícias de Engenharia – IBAPE (Brazilian Institute of Engineering Skills and Valuations) as the organizer of the 31st Congresso Pan-Americano de Avaliações, which will possibly happen in 2016.

IBAPE’s credentials as organizer of Pan American conferences have been established in 1953. The most recent event was held in 2006, when we were received in Fortaleza, in the State of Ceará, during the 21st Congresso Pan-Americano de Avaliações, which set an important milestone in the role of the UPAV conferences regarding the valuation activities worldwide development and consolidation. This conference began, after 55 years, the first revision process in the oldest models of the organized valuation in our continent, based on the minute of the first Congresso Pan-Americano de Avaliações, which was held in 1949, in the State of Lima, Peru, and later would become the UPAV. The revision have been transformed in the Declaration of Fortaleza, which has inserted us in the international scenario for being framed in the adopted International Valuation Standards and for setting standards for the bylaws reform held in 2007, in Panamá.

As a preparatory activity to the conference, in October, 2005, the same city on Rio de Janeiro that is receiving us nowadays had held a meeting between the representatives of the International Valuation Standards Committee[1] - IVSC – and the organizations affiliated to UPAV organized by IBAPE. This meeting had as focus the international valuation standards and the current situation of the Real Estate market in each of the countries involved on the meeting.

A decade has passed since then, and several things have changed in the world physical, social, economic and political context. The globalization is here to stay, and the opportunity is perfect to revise the new reality and challenges presented in our activities in the light of these new situations.

This shows the appropriateness of the theme chosen by IBAPE: “Real Estate Market, Valuation and Economic Cycles – The Pan-American Scenario”. The theme will allow knowing from firsthand the way countries have been facing the crisis, the rise and fall of markets, the impact of the populist governments in the housing policy and their effects in the real estate market. Those exciting subthemes open up an array of opportunities to the presentation of new and interesting lectures and conferences.

The “mise en place” has been prepared. The preliminary agenda will soon be ready, as well as the notification to present works and lectures in the splendid banquet that await us in our next Pan-American city: the colorful, beautiful Rio de Janeiro, which is also known as the Wonderful City for its happiness, music, cuisine and unforgettable landscapes.

We expect you.


Arq° Ma Emilia Pereira Colls

Chairperson of UPAV 2015-2016



[1] Nowadays International Valuation Standards Council